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Features of LISYS

  • Improve stock accuracy, stock control and stock rotation
  • Reduce stock levels, reduce wastage, reduce damage and obsolescence
  • Reduce stock taking costs and associated downtime
  • Improve customer service
  • Gain total two way traceability and improved stock recall capability
  • Improve efficiency of operatives and machines
  • Improve costing of jobs and yield control
  • Reduce clerical work and associated errors
  • Provide faster, better information

Highlights of LISYS

  • User Interface
    Use any internet enabled device and swap depending on the task for quick stock or status checks
  • Warehouse layout
    Our system works for any warehouse layout and fittings, but for optimum performance there should be easily defined zones, aisles, shelf/rack heights. This helps when building the computer model of the warehouse, but most importantly makes for faster navigation by users.
  • Network
    As an application is Intranet based with Web Support, warehouses require a Wi-Fi network throughout all picking areas. There is no need for special leased lines, just a good internet connection will work. Later application can be switch to Cloud
  • Access anywhere, anytime
    All of our reports and analysis is web-based allowing clients to check a report, or reconcile a data from the office or on the beach.
  • Technology
    Dot Net as front end along with MS SQL server 2012 and SAP Crystal Reports for analysis as a reporting tool

LISYS supports

    ASN Support
    Batch Picking
    Directed Put away
    Inbound Scheduling
    Returns Management
    User Defined Put away Rules
    Wave Picking
    Zone Picking
    Advance Receipt Notice
    Inventory Management
    Barcode Scanning Support
    Cycle Counting
    Pallet/Lot Tracking
    Product/SKU Management
    Quality Assurance
    RFID Data Collection
    Advanced Shipment Notifications
    Batch Picking
    RFID Compliance
    Wave Picking
    Zone Picking
    Order Fulfillment
    Distributed Order Management
    Inventory Availability
    Kitting & Assembly
    Transportation Management
    Shipment Consolidation
    Additional Features
    Reporting & Analysis
    Custom Reports