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Being the best professional SEO company , we understand the goal that each and every business needs to target their customers. To acquire customers, SEO is one of the easiest way. It gives maximum Return on Investments. Search engine optimization is an long term investment, the effort that you invest in every month will help you in getting more benefits in the upcoming months.

What is Search Engine optimization ?
All the search engines are designed in away to help people to find exactly what they are searching for. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a process of enabling your website to be easily found in search engines by following strategic keywords that people use for searching and by building links.

How does it works?
The results in search engines are influenced by the quality and the number of links that are pointing to your website. The more links pointing to your website higher the rank and more visitors. Building quality links will bring success to your website.

Prosoft Informatics one of the best and leading SEO company offering excellent services, we have a dedicated team of seo experts using latest seo techniques and tools, bringing website to the top of search engines.

How do our SEO Company Experts Approach your Website’s SEO Many business have an worthy website and they are struggling to find why they are not getting needed organic traffic. Let us have a look and understand how to approach SEO services in a correct way.

  1. Know the company’s value proposition ?
  2. What problem they were facing in gaining traffic?
  3. Who is their target audience ( those who looking for their product / service )
  4. What is the geographic location they are targeting?
  5. Who are their competitors ?

Starting with this major things we will be optimizing your website based upon Search Engines Algorithms.

We offer affordable quality services for your businesses. We deliver innovations that enhance productivity, solutions which are simple by design and deliver value.

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Starting with this major things we will be optimizing your website based upon Search Engines Algorithms.
Overview of SEO Process Keyword Research – Once the above things are mapped, we start with researching the focus keywords on Google. By researching with the search patterns we can able to identify the user’s behaviour. We use many keyword analysis tools like, Google Keyword planner, Uber suggest, keywords everywhere to understand how users search and gains informations about an service or product.

With this research we find the entire universe of queries, that a user searches in google to find his service.

Information Architecture – once the Keyword analysis is done, we start with working on the website architecture. It includes creation of new pages, and organizing those pages on the website, connecting home pages with the landing pages. This the way Google robot will traverse the website while indexing. We develop and design a seo friendly website. The main Objective of this is to present the needed information in a way that is useful to both the end users and for Google to crawl and index.

On Page SEO – The Next is ON Page SEO, this includes many factors including, the meta tag, contents, keywords optimization, site speed, Schemes and much more factors.

Technical Optimization – This includes optimizing the websites performance such as loading time, speed, images. In some cases this optimization will not be possible, this could happen because of your website theme, the serves you were using.

Competitor Analysis – In SEO, Competitor analysis plays an vital role, we need to understand their strategies to perform them better. Many number of tools are there to find competitors seo works. It gives more detailed things regarding your competitor.

Off – Page SEO – Once the above steps were completed , we need to start work with Off page seo, this is also known as link building, the main backbone of SEO. It has many factors helping in building more quality and relevant links that link to our website.

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Reason to choose Prosoft Informatics for your SEO services
– We Prosoft Informatics known for the best and more ethical SEO services, and helped many number of business to reach top positions in Search engines.
– We do both Google Adwords and Analytics, this means that we are specialize in both organic (Search engine optimization ) and paid (Pay – Per – click )
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Prosoft Informatics; the best SEO company for all sort of companies ranging from small business to large corporates. We are behind the success of many business in recent years. We offer you an more affordable SEO services at reasonable rate. We make sure that your website will rank higher in Search engine results pages, this helps in reaching your target goals both locally and Globally.